1.0 Credit Courses

The North Hills High School offers a wide array of Technology Education courses for students in grades 9-12. Click on the links below to find information about each course offered through North HIlls Technology Education Department.

Engineering & Design Courses

Drawing & Design 1

Drawing and Design 1 is recommended for students who have a career interest in Computer-Aided Drafting, engineering, architecture, interior design, gaming and animation.


Drawing & Design 2

Concepts, skills, and applications of the latest version of the AutoCAD software program will be explored.


Prerequisite: Drawing & Design 1


The Art of Making

In the Art of Making course, students will explore user-centric design principles; low-resolution prototyping and experience prototyping.


Material Fabrication Technologies Courses

Intro. to Metal Technologies

This course is divided into the areas of metal technology, quality assessment, destructive/ nondestructive testing and manufacturing.


Material Engineering

Using the metal facilities, students will be exposed but not limited to: machining, castings, welding, milling, materials testing, CNC machining, powder coating, and other types of material processing that is necessary in the engineering fields of study.


Prerequisite: Adv. Metal Technologies

Note: Course 3 of CHS Welding Program


Intro. to Wood Technologies

This course is an introduction to hand and power tool operation as related to the woodworking industry.


Advanced Metal Technologies

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Prerequisite: Metal Technologies

Note: Course 2 of CHS Welding Program


CHS Welding

Offered in cooperation with the Community College of Allegheny County, the CHS Welding 101 Certificate is a program designed to recognize the basic welding skills covered in the Intro to Metal Technologies, Advanced Metal Technologies and Material Engineering courses.


Advanced Wood Technologies

This advance woodworking course is a fundamental course in cabinetmaking. Emphases are placed on the student choosing his or her project design and completing its construction during the course.

Prerequisite: Intro to Wood Technologies

Graphic & Web Design Courses

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is for students interested in the design, layout, and production of printed images.


Web & Mobile App Design

Web & Mobile App Design is a project-based course that introduces students to graphic design for the web, web design, interactive animation, and mobile app design.

About Us

Technology Education is an integrated, experienced-based instructional program designed to prepare a population that is knowledgeable about technology – its evolution, systems, techniques, uses and social and cultural significance. It results in the application of mathematics and science concepts to develop solutions to practical problems and extend human capabilities.

Technology education is an essential component of a comprehensive and experience-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program. It develops technological literacy among students by demonstrating how mathematics and science is applied to the process of engineering design.

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