0.5 Credit Courses

The North Hills High School offers a wide array of Technology Education courses for students in grades 9-12. Click on the links below to find information about each course offered through North HIlls Technology Education Department.

Entertainment Technology Courses

Evolution of Games

Explore ancient cultures, their games, and how they designed games using available technology and resources.


Mobile Game Design

Use professional game design techniques to create playable mobile games that you can add to your game design portfolio.


Game Design

Learn the game design process through hands-on modding, prototyping, and iteration of a variety of games. Your final project will include building your own original board game.

Prerequisite: Evolution of Games


3D Modeling & Animation

Learn the 3D modeling techniques used in movies, visual effects, video games, cartoons, commercials, and animation!


CHS 2D Game Programming

Learn the concepts taught in a college-level “Programming 101” course, but all of the projects are games!

Prerequisite: Mobile Game Design


3D Game Programming

Learn how to create dynamic Unity™ 3D games using the same industry-standard developing engine as professionals.

Recommended: 3D Modeling, CHS 2D Game Programming

Game Production & Marketing

Once students have completed two or more Entertainment Technology skill courses, it’s time to put their new skills to use for an outside client to build a game or mobile app for the client.

Prerequisite: Completion of  2 or more of the following Entertainment Technology skill courses (Mobile Game Design, Evolution of Games, Game Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Game Programming, CHS 2D Game Programming)

Practical Skills Courses

Electricity & Electronics

The electricity & electronics course will be primarily concerned with the fundamentals of circuits, electronic components and residential/ commerical wiring.


Home Maintenance

The Home Maintenance course is recommended for students who have an interest in home maintenance and repair.


Practical Skills For Life

This course is comprised of four separate units of Technology Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Business Education, and Health Education. Students rotate to a new unit once every 4.5 weeks.


Engineering & Design Courses

Robotics & Engineering

While using curriculum from Carnegie Mellon University, the students will read and write code to program robots in virtual 3 D worlds, construct their own mobile robot and program motors and sensors to complete several tasks in the robot arena and build a flexible manufacturing system constructed of several robotic sub-systems.


Architectural Design

This course is a computer aided drafting class that is recommended for students who have a definite interest in architectural design.

Prerequisite: Drawing & Design 1 or Interior Design


Transportation Design

The Transportation Design course is a hands-on investigation of land, air and sea transportation systems.


Interior Design

Using the Revit architectural design software, students will spend the first 45 class periods designing a floor plan and 3D model of a small residential vacation home and a coffee shop.


Recommended: Drawing & Design 1


Product Design

This advanced engineering course will allow students the opportunity to work independently to research, design and create an advanced engineering project of their choice.


Prerequisite: Drawing & Design 1


About Us

Technology Education is an integrated, experienced-based instructional program designed to prepare a population that is knowledgeable about technology – its evolution, systems, techniques, uses and social and cultural significance. It results in the application of mathematics and science concepts to develop solutions to practical problems and extend human capabilities.

Technology education is an essential component of a comprehensive and experience-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) program. It develops technological literacy among students by demonstrating how mathematics and science is applied to the process of engineering design.

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